Bread Carving Station

impressive display of Artisan Breads baguettes focaccia country bread and traditional hand rolled bagels
accompanied by gourmet condiments and spreads
whipped vegetable cream cheese
cream cheese with chives
roasted garlic olive cream cheese
eggplant caviar
whipped honey butter
raw organic honey
apricot preserve
Belgian chocolate spread


100 calorie chocolate chip muffins
mini walnut crasin muffins
Banana crumb mini muffins
Sweet pastries
hand rolled cinnamon bunns
petite butter croissants
chocolate croissants
Caribbean Donuts

cheese filled savory donuts lightly dusted with powdered sugar


syrian cheese sambusak
vegetarian potato sambusak
eggplant Caviar
handmade bite size pizza
spanakopita of cheese
spanakopita of spinach
kashkaval artichoke Fritters
Greek yougurt parfait

layered vanilla greek yogurt with fresh chopped fruit topped with gourmet himalayan sea salt belgian chocolate granola


upside-down french toast
Calzones with whipped butter egg noodles herbs
French Toast
Vegetable Leek Quiche
shreaded string cheeese
sliced salty white cheese
quarto fromage spinach soufflé

Accomplanied by Persian sour cherry cucumber Yougurt


omlette station

farm fresh gourmet omelettes fritattas and classic eggs made to order served with crisp seasoned red potato hash browns & Salsa Verde

Belgian Waffle Bar Fresh

hands on delicious waffles ala minute topped with fresh fruit chocolate chips assorted nuts and whipped cream

Nespresso Bar

piping hot Espresso Cappuccino Latte made to order


Fresh Mozzarella Caprese
Hasa Avacado salad
Insalata Tropicale

hearts of palm, baby corn, avocado, cucumbers & tomatoes • house vinaigrette

forestiere salad

crisp romaine with Medditerranian feta, honey glazed pecan & baby craisins, balsamic vinaigrette

classic caesar

Romaine lettuce grape tomato crispy mezonot herb croutons dusted with Parmesan Caesar dressing

grilled portabello salad

grilled portobello mushroom, shaved red onion, local farm fresh grape tomatos, honey dijon dressing on a bed of romaine

Quinoa Black bean Corn Salad

with scallions, fresh corn, black beans, julian carrots • oil lemon vinaigrette


panko encrusted mediterranean sea bass

with lemon wedges & chimichuri dipping sauce

Poached Baby Salmon Dill whip
Whole White Fish
Tuna Carpaccio


Flame Roasted Vegetables
Wheatberry Persian Rice
Tangy Vegan Grapeleaves
Lemon Zucchini rounds
Eggplant Rollups
Seasoned Vegan Tofu


Flowerless chocolate cake
Belgian Chocolate Mouse Vanilla Whipped cream
Pecan Tart
Creme Anglais Fresh Fruit Tart
Gluten free Cheesecake Dome chocolate ganache drizzle
bite size tripple layer Brownie
whiskey mock cheesecake brownie
chocolate chunk cookies
oatmeal raisin cookies
Fiorre di Latte & Cappuccino Semi Freddo
Sweet Cubed local fresh fruit


Champagne Cocktail
fresh orange Juice
Voss water