Tapas/ Small plate

Peruvian ceviche
Guacamole with fresh tortilla crisps
spanish omelette cilantro alioli
grilled bread pica de gallo
Gazpacho served in shot glasses
Wild mushroom Empanadas
Pimientos small peppers

stuffed with cheese & caramelized onions

Arepa & fahita bar

served as they are cooked just about anything that is cooked or grilled goes into a fajita stuffed and rolled up in a soft flour tortilla.
grilled fish grilled veggies black bean shredded lettuce diced tomato shredded cheese black olives jalapeño peppers chili poblano cilantro sour cream guacamole pico de gallo. Rice and beans accompaniments


Blackened salmon fillet
Brazilian flame roasted sea bass tequila lime reduction
Vegetarian Paellas
Spicy sautéed tri – colored Peppers


Dulce di Leche Crepes with shaved banana
Lime strawberry watermelon sorbet
Flowerless Belgium chocolate cake
Cuban espresso Coffee Tea